Amazing 15% Saving on Early/Late Summer Holidays here at Maenporth

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Quite possibly the best time to visit? Are you on the lookout for the perfect last-minute family holiday destination? If you’re searching for stunning beaches, breath taking countryside and a wealth of outdoor activities to explore, look no further than Cornwall. With its picturesque villages, diverse landscapes and vibrant culture, Cornwall is a truly unique […]

The History of the Maenporth Estate

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Natural Harbour: Unbeknown to many locals, the beach head of Maenporth was once a natural harbour. It has been built up with sand over the years due to the easterly weather, remnants of human activity dating back to the middle to late bronze age were also discovered. The heritage environment records indicate a forest terrain […]

Delicious food right here – Beach Café at Maenporth in a stunning location

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Life’s a beach café is conveniently located on the stunningly beautiful Maenporth beach and is open all year round to serve locals and visitors to the area. This is a family run business by Leann and her son James, who have completely revamped and improved the menu and services offered since taking over in April […]