How to use the electric car chargers

Our electric car chargers are situated by the Leisure Centre when you are on site. There are 4 in total, ranging from 7 – 22kW, all with designated parking bays should you wish to use these during your stay. The main instructions on how to charge your vehicle using our new EV chargers are below.

1. Go to your browser and search ‘EV’ This will take you to the EV website where you can follow the below instructions. If your signal is poor, please visit the Leisure Centre and sign into the free guest Wi-Fi.

2. Register an account and then login.

3. Tap on “My Profile” and select “Driver Groups”.

4. Tap on search new group code and enter MAENPORTH-111 Press okay.

5. Press menu and select “view map.”

6. 4 charging points on Maenporth Estate should appear on your screen as green pins on the map.

7. On the side of the car charger, you will find a unique ID (UKEV) ending in 4646, 4647, 4648, 4649. Please note, two of these chargers are 7kW, and two are 22kW.

8. In the search bar on the map, type whichever number ID you would like to use, and press enter. Alternatively, you can select the charger using the green pin icon displayed on the map.

9. Plug your vehicle in. 

10. It will then ask if you want to charge the vehicle until it is full, or you can select a certain number of kWh you would like to top up with.

11. If you need to add funds to your account, then select “top up required” below on the app, or go to “wallet” on the side options display, and add the relevant amount you wish to add.

12. Follow any on screen prompts and then the vehicle should start charging.

13. You can end your charging session by either ‘ending charge session’ in the app, or by unplugging the charge cable from the vehicle. Please note, if you have restricted your charging session to ‘kWh required’ the session will automatically end once this amount has been consumed.

14. When your charge has finished, please disconnect the lead from the vehicle before disconnecting from the charging station to allow the cable lock to release.

Please try to remove your vehicle from the charging zone after the car is charged so others can then use the charge points as needed. 

Feel free to contact a member of the reception team should you need any assistance.

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