Estate Use Policy

Code of Conduct for Guests:  Our House Rules for A Great Stay at Maenporth


Maenporth is an exclusive holiday destination for wonderfully relaxing, family-friendly holidays in a natural and peaceful environment.  We want you and all our guests to have an amazing time with us. 

The Maenporth Estate Company Limited and the property owners are governed by legal articles, covenants, rules etc., including statutory health and safety regulations, and all are legally bound to implement these on behalf of Maenporth Owners Limited – this code of conduct is based on fulfilling these legal requirements and designed with your wellbeing and enjoyment in mind to make sure everyone’s stay is a great and stress-free one.

Please read the Code of Conduct carefully before your visit to Maenporth to check that you are happy to follow our ‘house rules’ while staying with us.  For individual safety and security, this must be followed at all times.

Small family groups and friends are welcome but not party groups such as hen or stag parties, sporting events or school groups. Multi property bookings will be limited to a maximum of 3 properties per family group unless you have the permission of Maenporth Estate. Your booking agent should be able to assist you with this. The Owner and letting agent on behalf of the owner reserve the right to cancel group bookings.  The contract will also be cancelled immediately if tenants other than those listed on the booking form are occupying the Property or if tenants cause a nuisance to the neighbours or cause damage to the Property. 

 Registration– For legal and security reasons all Estate residents are required to register either online or at the Leisure Centre Reception on arrival (or as soon as possible thereafter) giving name, contact number, property number and vehicle details.

 The Estate is private and solely for the use of property owners, their guests and holiday-let residents. It is not open to the public. Friends of holiday-let residents (i.e. people not actually residing on the Estate) are not permitted to use either the leisure facilities or the grounds of the Estate. Problems should be referred to either the Estate Manager or to a staff member. Registration will be needed to access the leisure facilities, otherwise entry will not be permitted until check in has taken place.

Access is via the security gate –the security code is not to be passed to anyone without permission. Estate roadways have a maximum 10mph speed limit. Pedestrian access throughout the Estate is solely via paths and roadways.  Please respect communal areas which are maintained by the estate staff and are not for personal usage. Please do not litter in these areas, and use the bins situated in the nearby bin stores.  We actively promote recycling at Maenporth and would ask where possible to recycle waste in the communal areas.  Pay attention to signs detailing emergency escape routes and fire exit plans should this be required in the event of an emergency.

Streetlights: The outside lights across the Estate turn on automatically at dusk and stay on until midnight.  In the morning they turn on at 06:00am until sunrise.

Car Parking for one car per property is in the designated parking areas provided for each group of properties – additional parking is available at the Leisure Centre in a visitor’s bay, or as arranged with the estate staff. Please be aware that you are parking at your own risk on site and that the estate accepts no responsibility for damage or theft. Two bicycle racks (own risk) are provided – at the Leisure Centre and by Lower Stables. Bicycles must not be left in communal hallways, leaning against property walls or causing obstruction. Special arrangements must be made in advance, via the Estate office, for parking/storage of dinghies and trailers (subject to availability). No caravans, commercial vehicles or mobile homes of any description are allowed to park on the Estate.

 Boat Park/Storage – Parking can be provided for larger vehicles, trailers and boats in the Boat Park on site at a cost of £35.00 for the duration of your stay. Please inform Reception prior to your arrival if this is an option you intend to use so payment can be processed via BACS and a ticket issued. Larger equipment can also be stored there such as paddleboards and surfboards. Alternatively, these items can be stored outside your property should they not be obstructing access via paths and roadways. There is also a wetsuit wash next to the Leisure Centre where wetsuits can be hung and rinsed after use. Items left in this area are done so at your own risk.

 Electric Vehicles:  We have designated EV charge points situated by the Leisure Centre. These require the EV Charge Online App to operate. There are 4 chargers in total – two of which are 7kW and two points are 22kW, all with type 2 chargers. If you require any further information, please do contact Reception. Please note, vehicles that are not actively charging cannot be parked in these bays. Instructions on how to use these facilities can also be found on our website.

Charging electric vehicles from the property of which you are renting is strictly forbidden. If a vehicle is charged from the property, then the guest will be liable for any damages caused as the internal fuse boxes are not designed to be used for this purpose.

Animals – No animals are allowed on the Estate with the exception of dogs belonging to property owners and their families or Guide Dogs. (Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times and dog fouling cleared immediately – dogs are not allowed within the leisure complex, the communal areas, children’s play area, tennis courts etc.)

Children remain at all times the responsibility of their parents/guardians. A play area is situated by the tennis courts next to the Leisure Centre. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times when using these facilities.

General – No items should be left outside your property – No towels, clothes etc may be hung over balcony rails, out of windows or on patio furniture at any time. Each property has its own private patio area or balcony and patio furniture which is not to be used by others or moved elsewhere. Financial compensation will be sought for any damage caused to Estate property, grounds etc.

Please keep noise to a minimum at all times but especially between 11pm and 8am. Maenporth does not tolerate anti-social behaviour. This includes drinking in communal areas, meeting up in large groups, playing loud music, shouting, swearing, littering, or otherwise breaching the Maenporth Estate Code of Conduct. Guests will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to return.

The staff at Maenporth are here to welcome you and help you enjoy your stay.  Verbal abuse or physical threats or intimidation will result in you and your party being asked to leave immediately.

Smoking – smoking or vaping is not permitted under any circumstances in any of the properties or in communal areas. We ask that everyone is respectful of those around you and of the grounds, ensuring cigarette butts are disposed of correctly.

Refuse must be bagged and placed inside a lidded refuse bin in the designated bolted refuse areas, ensuring the lids are to be closed at all times. Please do not leave waste beside the bins. Bins are emptied on a regular basis. To avoid problems with wildlife and scavenging, please do not leave food or refuse outside and do not feed the birds. Should the bins be full, please let a staff member know. We have recycling bins situated in the bin stores beside the Leisure Centre. Please only use these bins for correct recycling, not for general waste. There are separate bins for glass recycling also. Under no circumstances is trade waste allowed to be left in any of the bin stores. This is to be taken away by the relevant person and disposed of correctly.

Barbecues – The barbecue area is situated by the side of the Leisure Centre and must be cleaned after use. Barbecues at your property are permitted only if these do not cause nuisance to your neighbours. We advise that they do not take place close to the property, as this can cause fire/smoke alarms to sound. Please be mindful of this when using them.

The Leisure Complex – is the hub of the Estate and manned by helpful Estate staff covering reception, general and emergency assistance. It is open to residents at published times all year round. All users must sign in/out via the Users Book at the reception desk. Access to the pool area is via a security door under the control of the Estate staff. (Numbers using the pool may be limited at busy periods.) Please adhere to the displayed pool hygiene and safety rules, particularly regarding if and when your children must be accompanied. Your safety and that of your children is your personal responsibility.

Tennis courts – Booking is via the reception staff during peak times such as the school holidays – only tennis is to be played on these courts. There is a separate outdoor area for sports such as football.  

 We hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for your co-operation.


Swimming Pool Admission Policy

Maenporth Swimming Pool is a private pool that does NOT have lifeguards on poolside. Therefore, all pool users are responsible for their own safety. The maximum capacity of the swimming pool is 35 at any given time. During busy times, we may ask swimmers to restrict their swim time to 1 hour.


All children under 16 must be accompanied in the swimming pool, spa pool and sauna by a responsible adult over 18 years of age at all times, irrespective of the child’s swimming ability, with a maximum of 2 children per adult. If a child is under 4 and not wearing buoyancy aids, then this ratio increases to 1:1.

An adult can bring 3 children provided that all 3 children are over 11years old and are competent swimmers. Babies/Toddlers/Children who are not toilet trained MUST wear a swim nappy. These are available from our welcome desk.


Adult non-swimmers MUST be accompanied by a fully able swimming companion. Adult non-swimmers MUST stay within standing depth at the shallow end of the pool. Ratio of 1:1.

Spa Pool and Sauna

Children under 12 are not permitted in or around the spa pool or sauna. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

General Rules

Customers are requested to check water depth signs before using the pools and to not swim out of their depth. Non-swimmers must remain in the specified areas of the main pool. For your safety, diving is not permitted, nor is the use of inflatables.

Water can be a dangerous environment, so we must insist that the following points are observed. Staff will refuse entry or ask to leave the pool, to anyone who:

  • they feel is not fully capable of being responsible completely for their own safety in the changing rooms, on poolside and in the water;
  • they feel may not wish to comply with our pool safety rules;
  • may appear to be under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicating/narcotic substances;
  • who will not comply with the children/adult or adult/carer ratios and rules;
  • any parent or carer who staff feel will not or is not keeping constant contact or behaving responsibly towards their charges.

Please note mobile phones, cameras and videos are not permitted in the pool or on poolside. CCTV is in operation in the pool area. This is used as part of the pool supervision and our aim is to provide a safe environment for swimmers.

In the swimming pool and changing areas, please be careful as floors may be wet.

Emergencies and First Aid – In the event of an emergency, or if first aid is required, the member of staff on duty should immediately be summoned. If the member of staff is not in sight, either of the red emergency buttons situated on the walls in the pool hall should be pressed. An emergency telephone is located next to the red button at the shallow end, should the emergency services need to be called.

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