The History of the Maenporth Estate

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Natural Harbour: Unbeknown to many locals, the beach head of Maenporth was once a natural harbour. It has been built up with sand over the years due to the easterly weather, remnants of human activity dating back to the middle to late bronze age were also discovered. The heritage environment records indicate a forest terrain […]

Falmouth Surf School & Watersports – Maenporth Beach

Maenporth beach is a sheltered bay and is a natural playground for watersports.  Falmouth Surf School & Watersports is based here and will be able to help you make the most of your time at the beach.  Falmouth Surf School & Watersports is a family run business and has been around since 1995.  Spence who […]

Local Attractions Near Maenporth


After travelling to Maenporth for your holiday, you may not wish to venture out very far on your first day. The below suggestions either involve a short 10 min journey in the car, or better still, not using the car at all! 

The Four Beaches of Falmouth

Maenporth holiday

You are spoiled for choice with some of the best beaches in the UK here in Cornwall.  Falmouth is no exception and you do not have to travel far to enjoy a great day out at the beach while you are on your holiday.    There are four beaches to choose from in Falmouth – here […]

Introduction to Maenporth

Set on the South coast of Cornwall, the unique location of Maenporth is perfect for a peaceful family trip to get to know the untouched Cornish coast. Nestled between the maritime town of Falmouth and the unspoilt natural ravines of the Helford, Maenporth is a true hidden gem that stands proudly in an area of […]

The swimming pool at Maenporth Estate

Maenporth swimming pool

The swimming pool at Maenporth Estate is a fantastic facility that is enjoyed by all ages during guests’ holiday with us.  One of the longest pools in Falmouth, it has a maximum depth of 1.8 metres and safety steps in the shallow end to allow easy access.  The jacuzzi and sauna are popular places to […]

The Maenporth Gardens

The gardens at Maenporth are always a talking point with lots of positive feedback from owners and guests enjoying their holiday.  We have 29 acres of grounds and woodland so plenty to keep our gardeners busy!

Top 10 Places to go in Cornwall

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