Family Holiday in Cornwall? How to choose the perfect resort

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Summer is coming, which means it’s time to start planning your family holiday. If you’re looking for a beautiful and relaxing destination, Cornwall is the perfect choice. But with so many amazing resorts to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your family?

Here are some things to consider when choosing a resort for your family holiday in Cornwall: Location, activities, accommodation and of course your budget. Keep reading for more tips on finding the perfect resort for your next vacation.

The weather and seasons in Cornwall

With its breath-taking landscapes, crystal-clear water, sandy beaches and endless walking trails and activities, consider weather and seasons carefully to make the most of your visit. During summertime, days can be warm with hours of sunshine. Not too hot though – any heatwaves will probably pass like a Cornish breeze. The weather plays an important factor when seeking adventure in Cornwall; from sea kayaking to exploring hidden bays with water sports available, or spending days walking the coast path uncovering some of Cornwall’s finest scenery – weather can either make or break your visit. Staying in Cornwall in the winter offers great rewards too; crystal clear skies ensure beautiful sunsets, woodsmoke lingers on the air after a crisp winter walk (or swim!), while Christmas markets or enjoying the famous Christmas lights at Mousehole makes this festive season truly unforgettable. Whether coming as a thrill-seeking adventure seeker or just to relax and enjoy Cornish culture – think about the weather and seasons to ensure you have the perfect family holiday.

Top Tip: Visit during the shoulder seasons for the best of both! Spring and autumn are ideal for those who appreciate mild weather and plenty of sunshine, allowing you to make the most out of the many outdoor activities available. During these months you can explore moors, cycle on country trails or soak up the sun at some stunning beaches – perfect for a family-friendly day out. Check out Maenporth Estate, situated between the Fal and Helford Rivers, overlooking Maenporth Beach. This classic resort give you easy and quick access to picturesque walks, beautiful beaches, local attractions and, of course, Falmouth.


When considering the perfect place for your family holiday in Cornwall, location is always one of the most important factors. From warm beaches on the South coast, to secluded resorts tucked away in quaint Cornish towns, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s making sandcastles at the beach or exploring museums and cultural sites at your location of choice – be sure to take the time to plan where you’ll be staying ahead of time.

Staying near the best beaches in Cornwall

With beaches sprinkled all around the stunning coast of Cornwall, there’s no shortage of gorgeous shorelines to explore and discover. From wide beaches framed with jagged rocks to more remote beaches awash with sand dunes, your family can spend hours outdoors frolicking in the sun and splashing in crystal clear waters. And as the day draws to a close, take some time out to watch the sunsets – they’ll love it! Beaches provide ample space for playing sports, flying kites and enjoying a whole range of family activities. With more than 300 beaches across Cornwall, families will never tire of visiting them on a daily basis – from windswept beaches with rolling Atlantic breakers to family-friendly coves where children can build sandcastles and explore rock pools.

Top Tip: Not only are beaches perfect for swimming and sunbathing, but there are also a variety of cafes where you can get authentic Cornish pasties, burgers, hot chips and even ice cream. Whether you’re looking to have a nice day out with the kids or an evening walk on the beach with your significant other, these cafes make it easy to enjoy some delicious treats while you take in Cornwall’s stunning coastal scenery. We love visiting the Life’s a Beach cafe at Maenporth Beach, featuring a wide range of filled ciabattas, and specialty wood-fired pizzas you can book online.

Activities in Cornwall

Cornwall offers a range of family activities so you can be sure to find something that everyone in your family will enjoy. From nature walks through breath-taking landscapes to exploring one of the many seaside towns, there is a wide selection of family-friendly activities available. You can try a range of water sports, mini golf courses and adventure parks. For those looking for more cultural fun, there are historic castles and artefacts left by the Romans to explore. Whatever you choose, there will be plenty of opportunities to make some wonderful family memories together during your perfect family holiday in Cornwall.

Water sports in Cornwall

From kayaking to paddleboarding and everything in between, water sports will offer your family an exciting day outside in Cornwall’s gorgeous waters. And with plenty of experienced instructors nearby, water sports can be a safe way to make some wonderful memories during your trip. You can also rent different water sport gear, like surfboards or body boards and explore the waves along the coast. Try surfing and take advantage of the perfect surfing swells or get acquainted with stand-up paddle boarding amongst the waves.

Top tip: Kayaking, Surfing and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding are just some of the available water activities at Maenporth Beach, perfect for children and adults alike. Everyone can join in on this family fun aimed at getting people more active and having a great time together. Kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding are great ways for kids to experience the water, while parents can take advantage of picturesque scenery and a bit of exercise too! And when parents want relax, kids can have a thrilling time jumping on the surfboards and catching some waves. This stunning Cornish beach offers a well-rounded water sport experience guaranteed to bring your family closer together. There is a water sports centre right on Maenporth beach renting kayaks, paddleboards, and wetsuits – so you can just bring yourself!  More information can be found here:

Explore a city in Cornwall

If you’re looking for the perfect family holiday destination in Cornwall, Falmouth has something for everyone, from its stunning harbour-side views to its lively cafes and restaurants. You won’t be stuck for activities when you’re here either; Falmouth boasts a wealth of attractions such as Pendennis Castle and Falmouth Art Gallery, alongside some of the UK’s best beaches. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed city break or an action-packed adventure, Falmouth has something to offer your whole family. From sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding to enjoying many stunning beaches such as Swanpool or Maenporth Beach, your family will never have a dull moment! On top of its picturesque views and wealth of activities suitable for each family member. Enjoy exploring Falmouth’s vibrant streets as well as its stunning harbour views – it really is the ideal place to spend your family summer holiday.

Top tip: Maenporth Estate is the perfect location for your family holiday near Falmouth, Cornwall. Nestled on one of Falmouth’s most picturesque bays, this resort offers convenience and comfort during your stay. With the beach and Falmouth’s many attractions just a short walk away, it’s the ideal spot to spend quality time with loved ones while taking in the stunning views. It has all the conveniences you could ask for, meaning you won’t have to stray too far from the comfort of your own cosy shelter before embarking upon Falmouth’s many adventures.

Opportunities to learn

Cornwall is the perfect destination for history buffs and their families looking for meaningful experiences on their next family holiday. Rich in history and significance, Cornwall’s historic sites and attractions provide a great opportunity to learn together as a family while having a memorable time. The kids will love exploring Tintagel Castle, one of the most legendary parks of history connected with King Arthur, or taking a trip down memory lane at Heartlands- an attraction focused on Cornish history, culture and community. Take in the incredible views from St Michael’s Mount and gain deeper insight into history from local tours at Pendennis Castle. However you choose to enjoy your unique history filled family holiday in Cornwall, it’s sure to be an experience to remember.

Top tip: If you’re looking for fun and learning for the whole family to enjoy during your holiday in Cornwall, we recommend the National Maritime Museum. Perfect for both kids and adults, this museum offers something for everyone. With experiences that bring the local maritime heritage to life, kids can easily immerse themselves in a world of fun learning activities. The museum boasts a variety of interactive exhibits, events and more – all dedicated to the fascinating stories of Cornwall’s seafaring history. It’s the perfect outing to entertain and educate your family during their stay in Cornwall.

Accommodation in Cornwall

There are plenty of exciting activities to explore at resorts in Cornwall – with facilities like indoor pools, tennis courts, barbecues and play areas, well-equipped resorts will have something fun for everyone in your family.

Indoor swimming pool

A resort with an indoor heated pool is the perfect destination for a fun family getaway. With warmer temperature throughout the day, your family can enjoy fun, safe swimming without worrying about changing weather conditions. Even when outside may be too cold for swimming, due to the warmth of the indoor pool, your kids can still engage in activities that are fun and entertaining. An indoor heated pool is also ideal for adults looking to relax and unwind after a fun day out with their loved ones. 

Sauna and spa

Relaxation and fun go hand in hand when you choose a resort with a sauna and spa as part of your family holiday. Whether looking for fun activities with the kids or wanting a peaceful time without them, a sauna and spa provide relief from everyday stresses. Your entire family can enjoy this fun-filled feature of your resort: there’s fun to be had in the indoor swimming pool, while adults can relax in the sauna or steal away to the spa.

Tennis court

If you’re looking for fun and family entertainment while on holiday, staying at a resort with a tennis court is an excellent choice. Not only can all the members of the family enjoy some fun-filled competition and fresh air, but it’s also great for teaching the kids something new. Kids of every age can learn to play tennis, as it’s not only a fun exercise but also a great way to foster values such as teamwork and good sportsmanship. With its simple rules and plenty of opportunities to practice, this classic game is safe and accessible for family fun all during your holiday.

Play park for children

Cornwall is a great destination for families on holiday, and choosing a resort that has a play park right on-site adds even more fun and convenience to the experience. With young children in tow, having a safe, fun area they can play in while parents relax nearby is an ideal situation – it allows parents some much needed downtime while also making sure that kids are kept busy and entertained. Plus, something as fun and well equipped as a play park adds an extra element of fun and excitement to the holiday experience – allowing kids to explore and discover.

Beautiful gardens

Taking your family to a resort with beautiful gardens in Cornwall is a fantastic choice for fun and relaxation on holiday. The lush greenery will give kids plenty of fun and explore, giving them a break from the monotony of everyday life. With fun activities and space to play, these gardens provide endless delight and wear the kids out – making it an ideal setting for all ages while soaking up the Cornish sunshine. This great combination of fun, family-friendly surroundings, and natural beauty makes it a great option for any parent wanting an unforgettable holiday with their children.

Choose a 4-season resort!

No matter what the weather’s like, fun awaits at Maenporth Estate. With a cosy and warm heated indoor swimming pool, a relaxing jacuzzi, and a luxurious sauna, parents can unwind after a fun-filled day of activities. While they relax, kids can make their own fun in the games area filled with many fun activities and entertainment. You’ll always find something fun inside to keep everyone entertained; so you can all enjoy as much fun as possible no matter what’s happening outdoors.

Self-catering accommodation is perfect for families

For fun-filled family holidays, there is nothing better than self-catering accommodation in Cornwall. Not only can you enjoy exploring all that Cornwall has to offer during the day, including its beautiful beaches and fun activities, but you also love being able to create a home away from home and an incredibly comfortable environment for the whole family. Whether it be a holiday home or cottages near the beach, having kids running in and out of their own space all day is just priceless. Self-catering accommodation allows parents to take control of their holiday and rest assured knowing that their kids will always have delicious and nutritious meals available to them. This is also great if your child has dietary requirements or if you just prefer making your own food. With self-catering accommodation, fun and quality time during your holiday are guaranteed.

Top tips: Get out of the house early every day with some quick and easy breakfast ideas, like cereal, toaster waffles or pancakes. Pack a picnic lunch of sandwiches, fruit and snack bars for your family’s adventures so you don’t have to stop and buy food every time you get hungry. In the evening, enjoy simply prepared meals like stir-fry, easy casseroles or pasta dishes that the whole family is sure to enjoy. The Maenporth Estate clubhouse features an outdoor patio with a barbecue. Create unforgettable family meals enjoying the sunset, great BBQ food and toasting marshmallows as the sun goes down.

A wonderful family holiday in Cornwall

Maenporth Estate is the perfect choice for families looking to find value for money on a holiday in Cornwall. The estate boasts a wide range of amenities, with a heated indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, to outdoor tennis courts and an indoor games area – all at competitive prices. Don’t miss out – take advantage of unbeatable deals and create treasured family memories in the beautiful open spaces of Cornwall at Maenporth Estate.

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